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Revitalizing Touch

"Every Body 
Needs to be Kneaded"
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(Ojibiwe Word)
The Seven Sacred Teachings

Of Inspiration exist to maintain the sacredness of life, and to ensure survival as living beings on this Earth.  They remind us that we are all one - we are all connected - regardless of racial, cultural, religious, socio-economic, or political background.  For Aboriginal people, there are Seven Sacred Teachings.  Aboriginal people believe that watching the animals in the natural world helps us to better understand the Seven Sacred Teachings.

The Eagle - LOVE
To feel true LOVE is to know the Creator.  One's first love is to be the Creator.  You express love for the Creator by loving yourself and how the Creator made you.  Only then can you truly love others.  Children are to be loved, for children are gifts from the Creator.

The Bear - COURAGE
To have COURAGE is to have the mental and moral strength to listen to the heart.  It takes courage to do what is morally right.  First Nations people were told to be proud of who they are and never to deny the way of life Creator gave to them.

The Buffalo - RESPECT
Aboriginal people were told to always RESPECT all life on Mother Earth.  To show real respect is to share and give of yourself for the benefit of all life.  Respect the Elders from all races of people who uphold the sacred teachings of the Creator.

The Sabe (Sasquatch) - HONESTY
To be HONEST with yourself is to live in the spirit of how you were created.  Never lie or gossip about each other.  The more honest you are the bigger you become a person.

Always carry out actions in HUMILITY.  Think of your family, your fellow human beings and your community before you think of yourself.  To know humility is to understand that you are not more or less important than anyone else.  Being humble is surrendering to the Creator, who has created and who directs all life.

The Beaver - WISDOM
To live in WISDOM is to know that the Creator gave everyone special gifts.  Showing wisdom is using your gifts to build a peaceful and healthy family and community.  When we know and use our gifts, we become an instrument of the Creator, helping to bring peace to the world.

The Turtle - TRUTH
Always seek the TRUTH.  The truth lies in spirit.  Prayer was to be done every day at sunrise to give thanks to the Creator for the gift of life.  Each of the gifts and ceremonies were given by the Creator to the Original human beings to help them find the truth and the true meaning of their life on Earth.  
Living the truth is living the Seven Sacred Teachings, living from the heart.

"We give credit to Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Dave Courchene Jr.) an Anishabe (Ojibway) Elder, for learning and sharing these Seven Sacred Teachings with us."
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Lucie is of the "Bear Clan"
 Her Spirit Name is; East Wind Woman
  AA BI ZII BIZH means "Revitalizing Touch" in Ojibiwe

About Lucie Roussin
  • Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPCA)
  • Studied Reflexology through Red River College in Manitoba
  • Diploma in Swedish Massage and Shiatsu from the Swedish Institute of Massage in New York, New York
  • Certification in Hot and Cold Stones from the Native Naturals
  • Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition from the International Correspondence Schools
  • Lucie was an instructor of Hydrotherapy at Evolve College of Massage Therapy
  • Lucie also trained in Munich, Germany and Los Angeles; has worked in many reputable, exclusive spas throughout North America
over 35 years experience practicing the physical arts; worked with professional athletes: boxers, hockey players, marathon runners and dancers. 
 Lucie has also had the opportunity to travel with musical bands such as Jimmy Buffet. Worked with legendary Bob Hope.
 Lucie also works with elders, people with physical challenges, pregnant women and infants.